Earth, Wind, Fire and - Ice

Milan, London, Toronto and this year - New York! This is the fourth consecutive year that Caesarstone is proud to present a unique international collaboration, which will feature in the most prestigious design weeks and shows. In the past three years we’ve collaborated with Nendo, Raw Edges Design Studio and Philippe Malouin. This year Caeserstone partnered with British designer Tom Dixon.

In 2016 the year-long collaboration with Dixon – recently ranked number 12 in Wallpaper* Magazine’s top 100 most influential designers in the world –will debut in January at the Interior Design Show (IDS) Toronto; then, the next installation will be presented in Design Week Milan, in April; then another one in Design Week New York; and the final outcome of this collaboration will be exhibited in Design Week London.

Dixon rose to international prominence in 1987 with the iconic S-shaped legless chair he designed for Cappellini. In 1988 he started working for Habitat, the British furniture retailer, and after two years was appointed its creative director. In 2002 he left Habitat and founded his own brand, named Tom Dixon, in order to revive the British furniture industry. He has since become one of the most influential designers in the international design scene, and his exhibitions in design weeks across the globe, are always a magnet for public attention.
In the 2013 Milan Design Week, he took over the industrial space of MOST (Museum of Science and Technology) where he exhibited his capsule collection for the sports brand Adidas. In the 2015 London Design Festival, Dixon opened the Multiplex, an immersive all sensory department store of the tomorrow, at the old Selfridges Hotel, attached to the Iconic Selfridges department store. With partners like Wallpaper* Magazine, Sony and Caeserstone, Multiplex brought together design, technology, fashion, cinema and interior design in an attempt to explore how the future of retail will look, sound, taste, smell and feel.

This multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach is also in sync with Dixon’s vision for his collaboration with Caeserstone, which will include four kitchens based on the four elements: ice, fire, earth and air. Every kitchen will be based on an element and will have a theme that refers to a feature of the local culture; water (ice) in Toronto, fire and earth in Milan and air in Tel Aviv and New York.

Thus, the ice kitchen in Toronto was inspired from the frozen breathtaking lakes of Canada, and the huge icebreakers which pave the way in its winter months, leaving behind them a frozen mix of angular pieces in a striking array of shades of white and grey. The base for the ice kitchen will be made from a series of triangular prisms in different sizes and heights, while creating dedicated areas for preparing and serving food. Inspired by the challenging fishing tradition in the Canadian ice, the food will be served on floating water conveyors around the frozen surfaces. The food preparation stages, such as freezing, mashing or chopping will be accompanied by sound, steam, fire and smoke – which will create a multi-sensual experience of food and cooking, and display the qualities, durability, flexibility and beauty of Caeserstone surfaces.