'The Restaurant'- Sponsors and partners

Within the framework of collaboration between Caesarstone and Tom Dixon during the Milan Design Week, other leading brands will also take part, sponsoring and accompanying activities throughout the week.

‘The RESTAURANT’ is also home to a stunning Johnnie Walker® Blue Label™ bottle art installation, created and designed by Tom Dixon, which will sit in the ‘Water’ section of The RESTAURANT for the Milan Design Week. The installation is a dynamic and fluid design that expresses the flow of whisky and the versatile approach to design that is necessary for creating iconic Scotch blends.

Guests will have the opportunity to visit the Johnnie Walker mobile trunk and enjoy whisky mentoring sessions hosted by Johnnie Walker global brand ambassador Tom Jones.

Johnnie Walker will also be the sole drinks sponsor at the annual Caesarstone-Wallpaper* party, as well as other VIP events.
Grand Cuisine, Electrolux’s premium brand, is an additional brand taking an active part in Caesarstone kitchens designed by Tom Dixon. It will produce the customized electrical appliances to be integrated in Caesarstone kitchens. Company chefs will cook the conceptual dishes on advanced cooking systems and present them for the first time to the domestic audience.
The Electrolux Grand Cuisine cooking system puts the tools of the professional restaurant within reach of the home chef. For the first time, techniques used by restaurants to capture freshness, manipulate time and intensify flavour can be used at home. A revolution in cooking, the systems allow home chefs to prepare food when it suits and then to hold it in perfect condition until the moment comes to serve.

Come experience and taste the dishes prepared with the Grand Cuisine system at 'The Restaurant' and enjoy a unique menu inspired by the four elements: AIR - The Grand Cuisine Precision Vacuum Sealer and Stand Mixer will work in harmony with air’s transforming powers, removing air or whipping in lashes of it, to create dishes with varying densities.

EARTH - The Grand Cuisine Combination Oven offers total control over heat and humidity and the Induction Zone offers high power, both are key to the process of recreating the feeling of soil life and all its comfort.

FIRE - The Grand Cuisine Sear Hob, a heatable metal square surface made of chrome (the strongest material in the marketplace) will roast ingredients like the sun, and heat ingredients just as a fire that has just dwindled would.

WATER - The Grand Cuisine Induction Zone and powerful Blast Chiller can transform water into all its states. The Blast Chiller rapidly chills ensuring no large ice crystals form, perfectly preserving the texture of dishes.

Grand Cuisine boxes in MUBA

Rotonda della Besana (MUBA), Via Enrico Besana 12, 20122 Milano, Closest metro stop: Crocetta
Tue: 12 pm to 7 pm / Wed to Sat: 10 AM to 7 pm / Sun: 10 am to 4 pm
* Food Served Monday – Saturday only.
Reflecting each individual element through colour and texture, Caesarstone surfaces provide the ideal platform for the overall dining experience, from the initial cooking process to the final delivery.