The advantages of cement rendering in Sydney

A home with a beautiful exterior looks great. Everyone wants to own a home like this. However the constant weathering from the elements can cause the paint to fade over a period of time. Regularly painting the exterior walls may not be an option for everyone. It’s an upkeep which can prove to be quite expensive in the long run. On the other hand rendering provides ample options to keep the exterior looking good as new, year after year with very little maintenance.

The following are some of the advantages of cement rendering.

  • Cement rendering is a great way to add some sturdiness to your walls. This means that the walls are less susceptible to the fluctuations in the weather. It can last for a long time, at least five or six years. After that a bit of additional maintenance is required.


  • Cement provides just the right amount of thermal relief. It is also know one of the coolest materials which can be used for rendering. So if you live in an area which is prone to hot weather, cement rendering should be your first option when selecting material for render.

  • Since the cement render keeps the inside of the home cool and doesn’t allow the heat to pass through the walls, it can help lower the energy use as well.


  • In the cool weather cement rendering can help keep the warmth inside. It can be assumed that the cement render acts like an insulating barrier which helps the temperature of your home stay constant. In both instances rendering can help lower utility bill. In the warm weather there is less need to make use of air conditioners and in winters the heater can be set up at a lower temperature.


  • Also cement rendering can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. After all who doesn’t want to live in a great looking house? The walls look fresh and well-kept and there isn’t need for constant painting etc.


  • Cement rendering ensures that the color stick to your wall for a longer time. Plus there are so many options that you have when it comes to choosing a color palette for your home’s exterior.


  • It also helps increase the value of your property. Anyone who comes to buy your house would notice that you have made home improvements to your home. Also rendering can help lower utility bills so a home which is energy efficient is always high on a buyer’s list.


Rendering has a great many benefits, but cement rendering is considered to be the most functional and is quite popular with home owners across Sydney. Should you get rendering done on your Sydney house, make sure you find a reliable company. Also ensure that they use the right quality products. This is because rendering should last for a long time. It’s one home improvement which you shouldn’t be making too often.


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