Things to know when buying custom made curtains

When you are replacing the curtains in your house or shopping for new ones, you must look for trendy curtains. This is to make sure that you are living in a modern furnished home. Custom window treatments could be a solution to your problem during such instances. However, you have to know that there is quite a difference between these curtains and the regular ones. For this reason, you have to pay more attention to what you are selecting so that you do not make mistakes that could cost you more than you could imagine.

When you are buying your custom-made curtains, you must equip yourself with some information to help you in your decisions.  This is one thing that most of the sellers on the Gold Coast will tell you since they do not want you to buy custom-made treatments that you do not wish to. The following section will help you identify the things you should know when selecting your custom-made curtains.

Select the right and suitable fabric

One of the essential things that people fail to know is that it is your duty as the buyer to be sure that you select the suitable fabric used in making the custom window treatments you want.

Most people want to select the fabric that captivates their eyes, but there is more than this. You have to ensure that you look for custom-made curtains that are made from high-quality fabrics.

The fabric you select will play a vital role in the durability of these custom-made curtains; it also determines the ease of cleaning and maintaining these curtains. The other thing that the fabric will impact you select is the environment created in the room you install. Ensure that you choose the fabric that will accommodate you when you are taking part in any activities in the rooms you hand them. Ensure you look for a suitable custom-made treatment to ensure that you are spending your money buying the right things.


When you are looking for custom-made treatments, always know that you are responsible for your windows and curtains’ measurements. This means that you have to make sure that you measure your windows perfectly so that you can get the custom curtains that will fit on them perfectly.

Existing décor

Always remember the décor in your home when you are selecting your custom curtains.  This is because you do not want to buy curtains that will not enhance your home’s look. You must remember to select these custom-made curtains based on your home’s style, design, colour, and décor.

Where to buy

It is also essential for you to know where you will be buying these curtains. You may find an online shop on the Gold Coast, and it would make things easier.

Who should install these curtains?

Some people choose to install their custom-made curtains independently, while others prefer to have a professional helping them.  When you have a professional helping you, you will spend extra money paying for the services they offer you. On the other hand, doing it yourself would save money. However, having a professional is advisable since they have the qualification and experience of installing these curtains. Therefore, this makes the installation of custom-made curtains easier. Installing them on your own would make you spend so much time since you do not have all it takes to do the job. Get custom curtains made and installed professionally.

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