Investing in a Polished Concrete Floor at Brisbane

A polished concrete floor is unique and reliable. This sturdy flooring choice should satisfy your aesthetic tastes with its smooth lustre. Not only is it pleasing to look at, but the floor is both cost-effective and easy to maintain. The floor is also secure from future damage in a loss. This article will discuss these reasons in further details.


1.Aesthetically Appealing


The floors give off a nice-looking shine that the eye smoothly registers. It looks as if the floor was recently mopped, no matter how many days the concrete was not cleaned. Polished concrete not only looks smooth, but it is also comfortable to walk it. One can easily glide across the floor just by walking on the soles of their bare feet. The colour and lustre of the floor can remind one of the majestic surfaces of the moon. It is also possible to dye to the floor to the colouring of your choosing. The shine can complement the paint type of the surrounding walls.


2.Easy to Maintain


One will not find any sticky substance or discolouration on the surface of a polished floor. This is because one is not required to strenuously scrub the floor to remove sticky material. One can simply mop the floor with an oil-based solution to remove the sticky substance at one go. Also, since concrete is tightly compacted, the coloured liquid does not seep into any porous spaces, leaving a stain.


Because there is no efflorescence, which is results from hydrostatic pressure, there is not much dust to dust off. The floor appears to look clean most of the time.


3.How to Maintain a Polished Concrete Floor


Make sure your polished concrete floor lives up to an established standard. The floor should have a specific shine, be water-resistant, and be slip-proof. If your floor does not meet these standards, you can contact a consultant who will evaluate the floor based on the standards to proceed taking proper action. Another option is to maintain the floor. You can buy the materials needed to re-gloss the floor to restore its shine.


4.Safer than other floors


One should take into consideration how to prevent injury while walking in the comfort of their house. No one wants to worry about slipping, falling, and breaking a bone or stepping on a nail – wood floors are especially risky because of this. Tiled floors can be a slip hazard – especially if a liquid cleaning solution is applied to the floor. But, because polished concrete floors do not require constant cleaning, and it is not boarded done with nails like wooden floors, it carries very few risks. Additionally, the compactness of the floor prevents cracks from forming, which could potentially be a hazard.


Solid polished concrete floor is reliable against floods. Floods can dampen the integrity of the floor, making it more susceptible to structural failure and collapse. But this is not the case for solid polished concrete floors. This is because the chemical structure of the material is so compact that it prevents water from seeping in to soften the floor.




A polished concrete floor is a good long-term investment for many reasons. Low maintenance is one of these reasons. One can save themselves from constantly buying cleaning solutions and wasting their valuable time, which can result in an opportunity cost. Also, since the floor has longevity, one can avoid floor replacement cost.

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