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Finding the Best Residential Architects in Sydney

September 13th, 2018|

Thinking about renovating your home? Building a home from scratch? Before your dream home actually turns into a reality you need to find the best residential architect in Sydney. When you are looking for someone to help renovate or design your home you would meet a number of people. You would come across architects and design firms. An architect is an individual who has been issued a license by the state to design buildings. There is a difference between an architect and a designer. A designer basically helps design the interior or exterior of your home while an architect is the one who actually designs the building of your home.

Finding the best architect doesn’t need to be difficult. But in order to find one you would be meeting a number of people. Discussing different ideas and designs and finally short listing someone whom you like and who would be comfortable working in the budget you have provided.

The following are some ways you can find a good architect in Sydney.

Do lots of research

Your home is one of the biggest investments you would make in your lifetime. This is why it’s so important to hire an architect who helps you build or design your home in the best possible way. You can even make use of certain apps which actually help clients meet potential architects. Also if you know someone who has hired an architect in the past, you could have a talk with them as well.

You can ask people within your family, your friends and even your nearby realtor. If you see a home in progress why not visit the site to get an idea of how the architect works. When you get referrals from people who have their homes designed you can get a better idea about different architects.

Home tour organisations

The best way to find a good architect is through home tour organizations. These are held on a yearly basis and represents quite a number of architects. Here architects represent their ideas and designs in 3 D forms to help people get a better idea of the kind of services which they can offer.

You can even check out with different online forums dedicated solely to home development and design. There is specifically o need to indulge in small talk. Just a direct requirement for an architect and you would be send quite a few suggestions to choose from.

Once you short list a few architects it is always better to have a talk with each of them. There are some architects who can offer you great advice for a very small fee. These talks are important because you need to find someone who is on the same wavelength as you.

When you choose an architect who works well for you, you can rest assured that they are going to listen to your ideas and help design your dream home and turn it into a reality.

For the best architects in Sydney make sure you contact a professional company.

Features to Incorporate in your Kitchen

June 28th, 2018|

Always dreamt of that perfect kitchen – where everything is organized and fully functional? Well, you may not have the best kitchen, but if you’re planning to renovate it, you can incorporate these unique features which will make not only make your kitchen look great, but will also make it more organized and systematic. It’s just a few things that we generally tend to overlook, introduce them in your kitchen and see the difference it will make!

  1. Pot Filler:

Fed up of constant trips to the tap and the cooktop? Get Pot filler installed! These taps are very useful, and you’ll find water within your reach anytime you want! Plus it’s fixed at a height that can reach the tallest of your jars and pots! A great time and energy saver!!

  1. Coffee bar:

It’s a great way to keep non-cooks out of the way! You can have a Coffee bar that is equipped with an oven, a tiny refrigerator and a coffee machine. A couple of bar stools and this will become the favourite place for family time or party conversations!

  1. Optimise corners:

No matter how big your kitchen is, space never seems to be enough! So use every tiny corner that’s available. The corners on top of the kitchen counter or below the sink have a lot of potentials to store not so often used pots and pans.

  1. Spice drawers:

Spices are something we need to keep handy. So have a tiny drawer that holds all your spices and is easily accessible, probably below the burner.

  1. Divided drawers:

While drawers help to organise your stuff, divided drawers are even more systematic. You can keep your hand blender and other equipment in one drawer yet separately. This makes sure they don’t get entangled with each other and ensures easy access.

  1. Utensil racks with S hooks:

These racks with the ‘S’ shaped hooks are indeed space savers. Plus, your ladles and drainers will be kept at easy access. You can install it along a wall or under a cabinet or any other space that’s available.

  1. Tray compartment:

Make a separate compartment for your trays. You could opt for vertical divides and keep your dishes and large plates neatly arranged.

  1. Silent hinges:

No one wants cabinet doors that make a loud noise when shut. Opt for silent hinges that will help you cook even while people are asleep.

  1. Opt for closed cabinets:

Open shelves may look great and allow you to keep your utensils on display, keep in mind they’re not feasible when it comes to maintenance. As much as possible, incorporate closed cabinets. They give a more organised look.

  1. Cover the space with cabinets:

Empty space means settling of dust in it. Preferably cover all the areas with cabinets. It will not only give you more space but also help maintain the kitchen. Even faux cabinets are an option.

Make sure you consider these ideas and give a thorough thought in creating a kitchen that looks good and functions better!

Tips for Kitchen Renovation

June 28th, 2018|

Our kitchen is the most important room in our homes, right? After all, that’s where food comes from! And that is where we spend either cooking or eating or finding something to eat. Your kitchen is probably the most functional area in your home, with constant footfall. Even a slight change can either make it better or ruin what is existing. So if you’ve started thinking about entirely renovating your kitchen, you got to do a lot of thinking. We have a few tips that you should keep in mind before you begin renovating!

  1. Chart out the plan:

It’s your space, so let it look like yours! Let it be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle and not just something copy-pasted from some magazine or website. Take time to chart out every minute detail in your kitchen carefully. Which cabinet will be of what size, what goes into those cabinets, space optimisation are aspects you have to consider while making your plan.

  1. Get a budget estimate:

Your kitchen may seem just a room, but renovating it completely will cost a bomb. Be prepared to shell out the required funds or else, settle for a budgeted makeover. It’s not essential to spend a lot to bring in changes in your kitchen. Proper planning and use of funds will help.

  1. Choose an appropriate designer:

Getting professional services is fine unless the designer isn’t over-bearing. It’s your kitchen, and you have to use it, so make sure the designer understands what you exactly want. And if you don’t like the designer, you can go for another one. It may take some time and efforts to research and find the right, trust-worthy person who’ll create magic in your kitchen.

  1. Don’t follow magazines and movies too much:

The kitchens in magazines and movies are pretty fairytale-ish. They look fantastic, but functionality and maintenance are aspects you need to keep in mind. While picking out specific ideas form movies and magazines is perfect, don’t go in for the replica! Create your space in a way that it’s more user-friendly.

  1. Optimise the available space:

If your kitchen is undersized and there’s no scope for expanding, don’t fret! You can make the most of the area that’s available and turn it into a beautiful kitchen with a place for everything!

  1. Choose the colour scheme wisely:

Kitchens in lighter tones look spacious and bright. They not only look elegant but also make your kitchen look much more prominent and spaced out.

  1. Ensure your kitchen remains in sync with the rest of the house:

If you’re doing up your entire home, well and good. But if you’re redoing only the kitchen, make sure the colour and design go in harmony with that of the rest of the home.

  1. Make a list of all gadgets required:

There many make-your-work-easy gadgets available in the market. You can consider bringing in these gadgets to make your kitchen cook-friendly. Plus, a lot of these gadgets don’t even cost a lot!

Renovating is not something we often do. So plan accordingly and consider a longer time span and use all your creativity and come up with a beautiful kitchen model!

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