Plumbing Issues requiring Emergency Plumber Melbourne

Everyone, at one time in their life, will experience a plumbing emergency. It can happen at all times of the day including holiday weekends and the middle of the night.

You have no option but to call an emergency plumber if you wake up in the middle of the night and see a burst pipe spewing water.

Other than burst pipes, what are the plumbing nightmares needing the services of an emergency plumber in Melbourne?

Plumbing Disasters needing an Emergency Plumber

Plumbing problems that stop homeowners from performing daily tasks or cause flooding in the home are considered emergencies. While small leaks are often attempted to be fixed by homeowners, there are times when professional help is required.

Plumbing emergencies include:

Backups from the Sewer System

Multiple problems are caused by backups in the sewer system. The drain in the basement floor may show a pooling of odours and sewage as they come up from the drains. Professional plumbing services are needed to resolve and clear the mess from a sewer system backup.

The root cause of the backup can be assessed by a professional plumber. Backups usually result from frozen plumbing, broken main water lines, and severe clogs.

Broken Water Lines

The main water line can be invaded by shrub or tree roots growing underground. Water is prevented from getting into the plumbing system as well as cause flooding when the water line is broken. Until the issue is cleared up, toilets, showers, and sinks will not receive water.

Fixing broken water lines requires the services of an emergency plumber. The problem can only be resolved when the plumber digs under your basement or into the yard to reach the line. Replacing the pipe may also be needed when it is severely damaged.

Hot Water Problems

There are several causes for hot water to stop flowing to showers and sinks. Water heater problems, electrical issues, and plumbing leaks are common problems for a lack of hot water.

Bathrooms and kitchens will not have hot water when there leaks in the plumbing or a leak in the water heater. While power outages are beyond the scope of emergency plumbers, they can resolve the cause of the loss of hot water.

Frozen or Burst Pipes

Water damage, leaks, and flooding are the risks involved with frozen pipes during the winter. Adding insulation can be done by using towels to cover exposed pipes. Running warm water occasionally through the pipes can also prevent them from bursting. However, you need the services of an emergency plumber when the issue is burst pipes.

Overflowing Toilets

A plunger can easily fix most sink and toilet clogs. However, overflowing toilets can be the result of a gradual build-up in the pipes of waste and debris. Harmful particles are released into the air with the flooding coming from an overflowing toilet. The lower floor of the house can also experience water leakage from a flowing toilet in the upstairs bath.

Using a snake may perhaps temporarily clear up the clog. However, major clogs can only be removed with the help from an emergency plumber.

The assistance of a professional emergency plumber is needed for all the plumbing issues stated in this article. They possess the expertise, experience, tools, and equipment to resolve a wide range of plumbing problems. Keep the phone number of emergency plumbers for any emergencies you will be experiencing or for any preventive procedures.

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