Installing Screens on Doors and Windows

Fly screens are also known as bug screens or mesh wire. The main purpose of this screen is to keep all crawling and flying insects away. During the warm weather most people keep their doors open for the fresh air to flow in. however with the fresh air enter bugs and crawling insect as well. These can be a nuisance, especially mosquitoes which can go on a biting spree ad make your sleep uncomfortable by the constant buzzing and biting. However mesh screen on the doors can allow the air to pass through but keep the bugs at bay.

Mesh screens date back to 1861 when a company which produced mesh wire for sieves decided to paint the wire grey and sold it as a window screen. It soon became an instant hit mainly because it allowed for complete ventilation minus the creepy crawlies. However, it should be kept in mind that the fly screen can only protect you from flying and crawling insects and is by no means a substitute for security doors and windows and definitely not meat to keep young children secure or preventing anyone from forcefully entering your home.

Fly screens are manufactured from aluminium and fibre glass. It can either be left silver or painted black depending upon what would look better with a particular door or window frame. Painting the screen a dark colour can also prevent intruders for getting a look inside your home and in a way help keep your space private. So even if the doors are open with the bug screen in place you can still enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about your privacy being invaded.

Similarly there is also an option of choosing mesh made from fibre glass. A benefit of this kind of mesh is that it’s less prone to breakage and is much sturdier. However fibreglass is more opaque when compared to aluminium. It all comes down to what you would actually prefer for your home.

Some security which are denser offer other benefits than just keeping the insects at bay benefits include better air circulation and preventing loss of heat which in turn helps save  energy as well.  When you save up on energy you also reduce the carbon foot print.

Choosing the right fly screen for your doors and windows

If you are thinking about installing a fly screen in Gold Coast, keep the following things in mind

  • Always choose a screen which is high quality and which allows maximum ventilation and prevents insects from entering your home.
  • Choose screen which are made of sturdy material to prevent breakage
  • Choose a company which has a reliable staff and who are known for their high quality products. Never compromise on quality because a low quality screen might break and wouldn’t quite serve the expected purpose because it would need to be replaced quickly.
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