Why are polished wooden floors are a good option

Polished wooden floors are a great option for both residential as well as commercial flooring. This is so because not only are wooden floors low maintenance but are aesthetically pleasing as well. Wooden floors have light reflecting properties.

Polished wooden floors are basic wooden floors which have been treated with a densifier. This densifier helps fill up the pores in the wooden and accounts for the smooth polished look. Once the densifier has been applied, grinding tools are used to achieve the shiny polished look. It all depends on whether someone would choose an aggregate finish or go for a smoother look.

There are quite a few advantages of polished wooden floors. The following are a few:

  • Wooden floors which have been polished have a longer life span that usual flooring. The floors can last for up to a decade with very little maintenance. This makes it last longer than a carpeting option and a wooden laminate floor.
  • It is one of the most affordable flooring options there are available. It’s equally popular in both home as well as commercial spaces. While installing marble floors or wooden floors cost a great deal more because these materials are quite expensive. Also the upkeep of these floors is expensive. These require frequent retouches and aren’t too resistant to spills and stains either.
  • It’s pretty low maintenance. After sanding your floors in Brisbane you don’t have to keep polishing it every year or so. A wooden floor which has been polished once can last for a decade and longer. It simply needs an occasional wiping with a wet cloth to get rid of any spills and stains.

  • It is quite in sync with radiant floor heating systems because it has good heat conductivity.
  • There are no harsh chemicals used during the polishing of wooden floors. While other flooring options might release harmful toxins into the atmosphere, it is not so with wooden floor polishing. No harsh chemicals are used during the entire polishing process.
  • Wooden is also moisture resistant. This means that usually with other floors moisture can be a deterrent but not with polished wooden. This is because the wooden doesn’t allow the water to pass through it. This is because polished wooden is treated with an agent which doesn’t allow water to pass through.
  • Polished wooden floors due to their light reflecting properties are a good option for those who want to save up on utility bills. These reflect light properly so a room appears bright and well lit and there is not a great need o suing very strong lighting system.

With so many benefits which polished wooden floors have to offer, it’s no wonder that all home owners want to install a polished wooden floor in their homes. However, it is essential you hire the right people to polish your wooden floor. You should be looking for someone who is a thorough professional and can handle all the work with ease.

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